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This Is Our Story

Although our hotel is not a luxurious building,

1. A long-established inn where you can enjoy the history and culture of the region
An inn with 9 private hot spring sources and drinking hot spring facilities.
A ryokan where you can enjoy homemade local cuisine with Aomori flavors.

We will provide you with our heartfelt hospitality.
We hope that you will use our hotel when you go on a healing journey.

Camellia brush strokes_edited.png


Shikou Munakata

Renewal open

"I'll become Van Gogh."

With this passion in mind, Shiko Munakata came to Tokyo from Aomori in 1924.

His talent was discovered by Muneyoshi Yanagi and others who were leading the Mingei movement.

He became a world-famous woodblock artist.

While he was busy with creative activities, he met a painter from Asamushi.

In the summer, I stay at Tsubakikan with my family.

Immersed in the bath, I let my artistic imagination flow with my brush.

Imposing calligraphy and six bodhisattvas

Seven carp swimming leisurely

And the camellias at the Tsubakikan


A soft yet powerful brushstroke

The Japanese paintings, from which you can almost feel the breath of the Buddha, are only found in the Tsubakikan Museum.

Please come and see the moving artist's spirit and universal beauty.


[Matcha green tea service]

Many of Shiko Munakata's works

Enjoy the hospitality of matcha green tea prepared by the hostess.

Please enjoy it slowly.


Camellia Bath

Free-flowing hot spring water


In the large public bath, which draws in hot water from nine private hot springs, the water overflows from the tub, allowing you to relax both body and mind. The simple hot spring (hypotonic, weakly alkaline, high temperature hot spring) can be enjoyed even by those with sensitive skin.

The hot spring water has no unpleasant smell and does not cool down easily, so you can enjoy the comfort for a long time. Please take your time to enjoy the spacious sauna and the tasteful open-air bath surrounded by garden trees.

Even though there are many hot springs all over Japan, there are not many that allow you to drink the spring water. Our inn is the first hot spring resort in Aomori prefecture to be granted permission to do so. Please try drinking the spring water, which is expected to have an effect on improving internal organ diseases by absorbing the hot spring components through the digestive organs.



A kaleidoscope of local flavors

At the newly renovated "Dining Tsubaki no Hako," we offer the main meal "Tsubaki no Hako," packed with flavorful dishes carefully prepared using rich seasonal ingredients from the Mutsu Bay that spreads out before Asamushi and the three seas, villages, and mountains that surround Aomori Prefecture. At the end of the meal, you can enjoy grilled Japanese black beef shabu-shabu with Aomori Prefecture-grown rice "Harewatari."


To accompany your meal, please enjoy local sake made with Aomori's rich rice and water, as well as a selection of wines. Enjoy a memorable moment.

For breakfast, guests can enjoy freshly cooked rice made from Aomori rice cooked in a single-person pot, paired with salmon (a favorite of Shiko Munakata), Aomori soul food salmon roe, and miso soup made with clams from Lake Jusan.

A tasteful Japanese-Western style room


Each room is named after a camellia, such as "Otome Tsubaki" or "Kotobuki Tsubaki," and includes Japanese-style rooms and Japanese-Western style rooms, from which you can enjoy seasonal garden views through the shoji screens.We have a wide variety of rooms, from "Otori Tsubaki," which is equipped with a spacious Simmons bed, to "Roimatsu Tsubaki," a VIP room with a tea room entered through a nijiriguchi entrance.

Each room is decorated with a different small woodblock print by Shiko Munakata. Experience the tranquil and fascinating experience of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter while standing close to the artwork.

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Tsubakikan Photo Gallery
Reservations and Plan Introduction

14 Uchino, Asamushi, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, 039-3501

TEL 017-752-1031 ( 1 0:00-18:00 (Closed on Sundays)

Asamushi Onsen Joint Reservation Center

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